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Fun Things to Do For Kids in Florence




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Fun Things to Do For Kids in Florence

Things to Do For Kids in Florence

If you’re looking for fun things to do with kids in Florence, here are several suggestions. For example, you can visit the Piazzale Michelangelo, Giardino di Boboli, and Leonardo Da Vinci Museum. If you’re in the mood for some shopping, you can also visit the Bartolucci Shop. All of these places are worth a visit, and they’re sure to leave your kids begging for more.

Piazzale Michelangelo

The Piazzale Michelangelo in Florence offers a number of activities for children. This is the ideal place to take your child on a day trip to Florence. You can find artifacts from different prehistoric eras and play with puppets. Kids can also get face painting and listen to stories told by local acrobats.

Piazzale Michelangelo, located in the heart the city, is a popular tourist and vendor destination. The square houses the bronze replica Michelangelo’s David, which can also be seen in the Accademia gallery museum. The square was recently restructured to highlight its beauty and simplicity. To make it easier to access, a free shuttle bus will take you there.

Giardino di Boboli

Giardino di Boboli is a great place to take your children on a day trip to Florence. The garden was once home to the nobility of Italy, and it’s one of the most beautiful in the city. Boboli Gardens offers a tranquil and picturesque setting, with cypress trees, statues, and charmingly theatrical characters. Activities are available for all ages, from toddlers to seniors.

You and your kids can spend a couple of hours walking through the gardens. You can also rent a horse or carriage near the Duomo. You can even stop and say hello to the drivers of carriages! Another must-see is the ‘little pig’ statue located on the edge of the Mercato Nuovo. People who rub the porcellino’s nose are said have luck. A trip to the Fiorentina soccer stadium is also a must for any Florence family.

Leonardo Da Vinci Museum

The Leonardo Da Vinci Museum in Florence is a great place to take your children on an educational adventure. You can see the many inventions and anatomical studies made by Leonardo Da Vinci. The museum also has reconstructions of some of Da Vinci’s most famous works. Many of the exhibits are interactive and explain the function of the designs. There is also a photo opportunity with the famous Mona Lisa!

There are three main sections to this museum, each dedicated to a specific area of the inventor’s life. The Earth and Water sections display models of Da Vinci’s inventions. The Fire section features military artillery based on the Atlantic Codex. The Mechanisms section contains items that are based on Da Vinci’s codex.

Bartolucci Shop

The Bartolucci Shop is a great place to shop for children if you have a young one. The store sells handmade wooden toys made by skilled woodcarvers. Whether you’re looking for a stuffed animal or a Pinocchio figurine, this store will have exactly what you’re looking for.

While visiting Florence, don’t forget to bring your child to the Bartolucci Shop. This store, which has been in operation since 1923, has a very child-friendly atmosphere. There are many educational and fun toys in the store. You can also make your own toys in the woodworking workshop. Bartolucci offers personalized toys for your little ones.

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