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Games are a fun way to spend time together as a family. They are also very easy to create and play. Unlike many other childhood games, you do not need to buy or build in any kind of equipment!

Games are made up of different challenges or challenges inbetween periods of rest or downtime. They can be competitive or non-competitive!

Non-competitive games can be nice to play together. You can admire your opponent’s skills or you can just sit back and relax! Competing games require special equipment or rules that are specific to the game.

This article will talk about some great homemade fun games for when the family is together, either on the computer or on the ground.

Drop it

What is it? A fun game that can be played in just about every environment imaginable. Drop it is a classic fun game that can be played in the street, on the beach, in the ocean, or even in the pool!

The goal is to keep your opponent as far away from your money as possible. The closer you are to your opponent, the more money you will win!

This game has been played for years and has become a classic! Try your best to out-compete your peers and be the first person to win all of your money.

If you are not very good at this game, do not worry! There are many ways to play it. You can try watching others play it or doing it yourself.

Pick it up

homemade fun games

When the weather starts to get cold, many people begin to enjoy playing pick-up hockey. You can find a lot of ice hockey games that are group-oriented.

In order to play a pick-up hockey game, you first need a ice rink. The standard size ice rink is two hundred feet in length and fifty feet in width. This means that you will need about eight players per team!

Once the players are matched up, they can start playing. The rules for pick-up hockey are very similar to those for standard hockey. You have your usual face-off, goalies can only stop one pass before it hits the ice, and scoring is through shooting or passing if you can reach the net.

Pass it along

homemade fun games

If you have a birthday coming up, or just love playing casual games like pass it along then we have the right game for you! Play Pass It Along, a game where you try to keep your tips secret by passing your dishes around the table in front of your neighbors.

Pass It Along was created as an easy way for people to hang out and enjoy a good game. It was created by combining several popular games including Chinese checkers, coloresses, and dixit.

These games can be played with anyone in the world due to their international norms of play. This makes it very accessible and popular with people of all ages!

This fun game can be played as a family or just someone special can celebrate a win as if it were their own.


homemade fun games

This is a classic fun game. If you have ever played telephone, you can try this.

When the player on the phone is telling the player on the motherboard how to do something, the player on the phone can also explain or show them how to do it using the computer or mobile device.

To play this game, each person lines up behind their phones and then someone says something and then someone else says something and then someone else says something again. Then they go around doing what they were saying and doing it for a set amount of time.

This game can be played in its entirety by just one person, but if two want to do a double dose, then let’s do it.

20 questions

homemade fun games

Questions are an important part of fun games. They allow your players to learn and teach each other, which is one of the reasons questions are great!

Questions can be simple or complicated, they can be yes or no, they can be round or square, they can be about people or objects, and they can be general or specific.

While not every question should be a question, many questions can be! For example, asking what thing someone does best is a good question to ask because it is specific and something people do well.

Having a wide range of questions also helps when trying to segment your audience.

Guess the number

homemade fun games

Are you having a hard time telling the numbers for both ten and one? If so, this game is for you!

In this game, you are trying to guess the number between one and ten. Your goal is to be the first one to figure it out.

You will need a pencil and a paper. You can use a computer program or an app on your smart phone as your source of information.

Make sure you are organized and have your supplies ready before you start playing. You want to be ready for any errors or failures your player may have, making it more fun next time!

This game can be Played by One Player, or Player Two tries first. If they get stuck, then they can turn to the other player for help.

Coin flip

homemade fun games

A fun game anyone can do is flip a coin. If you are relatively good at cards or at the dice, this game is a easy way to test your skills.

It is also a great way to break up the larger tasks you are having trouble with. By using different ways to determine winner on the coin flip, you can determine what level of player you have.

Some ways to play coin flip: Meet new members, housekeeping/facilities staff, managers, and community members. It’s an easy way to build trust and get started on improving your relationship with a community member.

Launch events/programs/projects. What better way to kick off the year than by telling family and friends what you are planning? The more detail the better, the less details the better.

Card shuffle

homemade fun games

Welcome to another edition of Homemade Fun Games! Today we talk about a game that is literally called card shufflealbeit in Spanish. Card shuffle is a very basic game that can be played with any number of cards.

Card shuffle has been around for a while, being used in banks and financial institutions for years. It’s a simple game that can be played with just about any number of cards.

As the name suggests, the first thing players do is look at the top card of their new set and then they move on to the next one. Once they do this, they don’t consider what it might be until they actually have to put it away somewhere.

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