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How To Make Fun Games In Scratch




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Making fun games is a great way to learn how to program in Scratch. There are many ways to make games!

Games are one of the top categories of programming. Most programmers start by making simple games that require little data or instructions to create. These games can be either fun or frustrating, depending on the designer.

Some popular game types include strategy titles, simulation games, and action titles. All of these can be made in Scratch.

Strategy titles require you to build up your decision-making ability over time as you get better at programming. As you get more proficient, action titles become more fun and addicting.

Simulation and fun-filled games can be done in parallel, so do not worry about timing your projects! Both need only data and instructions for success.

Create a character

Now that you have your fun game, it is time to create your character. You can make your character as simple as a circle or as elaborate as a castle or a set of buildings.

The key is that your character must have a purpose. If you do not put one into your character, then nothing will matter. Your character must have an objective or something to accomplish in order for your game to work.

To make the game more fun, add some fun effects such as moving, changing colors, and loud noises. Add some rules such as no killing or only killing small things and you are all set.

Create a story

how to make fun games in scratch

A story is an essential part of most languages of literature. A story is a narrative with characters, action, and dialogue that leaves readers or readers wanting to read on.

Scratch has many resources to help you create your own stories! For example, you can create stories about people or objects you see everyday, stories about fun games or scenarios, or stories that include a plotline.

The best stories have a beginning, a middle, and an end, which is why it is so important to make the end memorable. Make sure to take your time to develop your endingsancode- endingwell!

When writing your story in scratch, be as detailed as you want to be for the most impact.

Decide how to play the game

how to make fun games in scratch

In Scratch, there are several ways to play games. You can choose to pick a game and start doing something with it, or you can learn how to make a new game.

Making a new game is fun! It is easy to do, and it is a way to create your own entertainment! Most people make games in either jigsaw or logic format.

Logic games require fewer ideas than jigsaw games, making it more likely you will find something interesting to make. Many creators use variations on the same theme as their game so that they can gain some confidence in creating their own material.

Jigsaw games may require more experimentation as you may need to find what works for you and your audience. A good way to start looking for games is by looking through the media library on your computer.

Make the levels

how to make fun games in scratch

Once your game is complete, you can start adding in the levels. You can do this by creating new sketches or by taking existing sketches and making them fun.

Scratch has many tools to add levels to your game. A recent addition is the addition of a level editor. This allows you to add floors, walls, ceilings, and other decorations in your levels.

To edit a level, you first have to set its title and then set how many floors it has. The last thing to set is what kind of layout it has!

Many games use platforms, chests, or other elements as layouts. You can try these out to see if they look good on your game!

Making good games is an art that involves artistry.

Add music

how to make fun games in scratch

Adding music is a very integral part of making fun games in scratch. You can do it either by creating music yourself or by borrowing music from games.

So far we have talked about non-fun games that you can make in your scratch. However, there are fun scratch games you can create! Many of them are based on musical themes or tracks.

Of course, you cannot just add lyrics to a sound and call it a game, but you can design ones that use music tracks or songs! Many of these games use music as the basis for what your game is about.

Add sound effects

how to make fun games in scratch

Adding sound effects is a very easy way to make a game! Sound effects were the top requested effect in scratch games.

So, what is a sound effect? It can be any noises or sounds that enhance your game play. For example, if your game required the player to answer questions based on pictures, adding a gong would do the trick!

Most computers will allow you to add sound effects via software, but if not, no problem! You can create some simple software in Microsoft Office that does the same job.

There are tons of places where these softwares can be found: Video iPHONES for iPhone and iPod Touch, Screen Recorders and Video Editors, both of which include sound editing capabilities.

Test the game

how to make fun games in scratch

Once you have your game worked out, it is time to test it. You can do this by having a group of people, or just one, play your game!

If someone gets stuck, then they need to ask a question, so that other people can help them. If someone helps another person, then that person should be rewarded!

If people are paying attention and getting rewarded for helping others, who could ask for help? You! You can make your game about you or something related to scratch.

Either way, when someone asks what you are doing, give them a thumb raise! When they praise you, keep doing what you are doing to get more rewards.

Share your game with the world

how to make fun games in scratch

If you are very advanced in your scratch game, you can start sharing your games with the world. This is a beautiful way to show people how fun your game is.

If you are not too fancy in designing your games, you can still create a game review website or YouTube channel. Many have created great ones to share their hard work with the world.

The greatest part about games reviews and make-believe games is that you can use the feedback to improve your own game design. Since so many people are already interested in what you are making, you will have some valuable ideas and tools to add to your next creation.

There are countless scratch-made games on the internet, just look for something interesting and fun! There are never too many posts, making it easy to find new creations every day.

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