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How To Make Video Games Fun Again Reddit




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A video game is a medium that allows you to experience your inner hero. With the right game series, you can let your imagination and skill set meet and fall in love.

But not every game has this magic power. Some games are quite good if you like that kind of experience. But if not, then it is still worth playing due to the fun gameplay and user created mods that can change up the experience.

There are many ways to make your games fun again. Some of the fastest ways are to: 1) Add Roller Coasters or some other intense element into your game; 2) Make sure there is enough challenge in your content; 3) Make sure your graphics look good enough; and 4) Make sure they get them legally correct so people can enjoy them.

Reduce the number of actions possible

how to make video games fun again reddit

When playing a video game, you have a range of actions you can take. You can run, jump, shoot, etc. We want to reduce the number of actions available though, so think about which ones you like and how to integrate them into your game design.

If you like running, shooting, or jumping around in games, then by reducing the number of actions you can increase emphasis on movement and enjoyment of that movement. If you like playing stealth games or other types of games where you hide and attack in secret, then by making the number of actions limited you can keep a sense of challenge.

You might not enjoy playing a game where your character can do anything they want because it gets boring after a few minutes of play. Having limits on what characters do might help create some fun moments that remind players why they are playing their game.

Encourage simpler controls

how to make video games fun again reddit

When building a video game, there are a few things that you must consider when designing the controls. This includes giving your players the opportunity to use simpler controls, introducing rhythm and timing elements into the control scheme, and integrating musical accompaniment or sound effects into the experience.

While neither of these sounds appealing at first, having more complex control schemes can get really expensive quickly. You would be surprised how many times you reach out to your game developers asking for a simplified control scheme due to budget restraints.

Having too many features that are not tied to a simple system can also create hard-to-use tools for your audience. When users do not have enough experience with your game, they may make poor decisions due to these issues.

Rhythm and timing : This is one of the most well-known ways to add fun into a video game.

Focus on simple gameplay

how to make video games fun again reddit

When someone is playing a game, they are usually thinking about how to complete the task at hand. If the task is to kill a person, then the person would be taking steps to kill the person.

What makes this important? This helps build a sense of accomplishment in games because you are more involved in what you are doing and why it works.

When people play games for long periods of time, they start to focus on what they want to see rather than playing. This is when things become less fun and enjoyable.

By having high level players focused on simple tasks, then new players can focus on what they want to do instead of who can do it fastest. This brings back fun and enjoyment into the game which makes it more enjoyable for everyone.

Reduce the amount of grinding

how to make video games fun again reddit

One big problem that holds most games back is the need to grind. Most people play games for the enjoyment, not for competitive advantage.

Grinding is a fun way to complete quests and gain reputation with factions, and it can be enjoyable in its own right, but if you are looking for competition then you need more than just that.

In order for game competition to exist, there must be resources available to compete against others. You cannot compete against someone who is five levels above you because you do not have the necessary resources!

Unfortunately, most people who purchase Destiny are already interested in competing against others so they pick up some of the easy quests and walk away. More challenging content should be available on a regular basis to keep players motivated.

Increase consequences for failure

how to make video games fun again reddit

Failure is one of the most important elements of video game development. If you make something that fails, you can add another step to the scene or give someone a crushing defeat to emphasize their importance.

It’s similar in the news world, where stories that fail can add more depth to characters or increase sympathy for them. When an event fails as a expectation, people may be more understanding of the character involved.

When someone makes a mistake during an interview, that person should be punished appropriately. The media can use failing interviews as learning experiences to get people to understand them better, so giving them a bad interview could help shed some light on what they are like beneath their professional persona.

Additions of consequences for people in your community should be done when making new rules or introducing new ones.

Use subtle yet powerful rewards

how to make video games fun again reddit

A reward is something you give out to get something done. A reward can be a monetary one, or a ones.

If you were forced to work for a set amount of hours every day for months, you would probably get sick of it eventually. You would start to dread your meetings, and your productivity would drop.

This is true at the professional level, and in your career. You need rewards for what you do.

You need rewards for what you do, because when you do things that are worth nothing, then what do you really deserve? You want something else to come back into your life that will make up for that, don’t you?

When we say rewards in video game journalism, we are talking about money. We want people to be motivated to go and cover events, so we give them money.

Give the player space to think

how to make video games fun again reddit

When you are broadcasting a game video, you want your player to have space to move, how they interact with the environment, and for them to have an experience that is their own.

This does two things: it teaches your player to be creative and think strategically, and it gives you time to describe what is going on in the environment.

If you are making a video about a game, try standing in a spot for a moment. You will get more detail about the environment and what is happening in the game. This way you can also find new ways of approaching games!

People who play your game should feel like they are on an adventure. If there is something funny or interesting that happens while playing your game, make sure to highlight it. If there is something exciting, show someone taking action to solve the problem.

These kinds of details make them feel like they are really doing something important.

Don’t use autoscrolling screens

how to make video games fun again reddit

Autoscrolling screens are a mechanic that has been around for quite some time. It is a standard feature that most modern videos, games have autoscrolling screens make-up for the lack of longer loading times.

But the autoscrolling feature can be very difficult to use. If you’re not careful, you can get stuck on an impossible to reach spot or miss an important message.

If you are using a controller, then you already factor in how difficult it is to stop and select targets when playing by using Autokeleying. Using Alternative Controller Techniques can help mitigate this even more!

1: Using Masks or Hats

One of the best ways to use the mask or hat trick is when playing against the computer. When playing against a computer, always try your best to wear a good mask or hat! This creates some fun feeling of defense and protection for yourself.

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