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Oh What Fun Family Game




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is a fun, easy to learn family game that can be played in less than 5 minutes. It is named after the sign that tells players what cards they are dealt every time.

The main idea is to use the cards in your hand to form sets of different sizes. These sets of cards must match up with others in order for the game to happen.

Set collection is the main way to keep players engaged as they try to build their set collection. As they do this, they win money which can be spent on new sets or more elaborate games.

Tag Game

oh what fun family game

A fun game to do in the warmer months is tag. If you are not familiar with the concept, it is where two or more people are instructed to race against the clock to get as far away from the other person as possible.

Tag is a great way to get everyone in the family on the same page. Once they are in sync, playing tag can be fun.

Since both sides of the family share this love for playing tag, there are only a few rules that are enforced. These include no hiding and only one chance at getting tagged.

Memory Game

oh what fun family game

Oh What Fun is a game that has both a memory and a game-changing feature. In Oh What Fun, you can play as either a leader or as the members of your group.

As the members of your group, you can choose which ones get to be the leader. The other members of your group work together to decide what clues to put in and how they solve the puzzle.

As the leader, you can give hints and set the difficulty level for everyone. When people cannot solve the puzzle by themselves, they can come to you for help. You can then give them one last clue or solution to put in if they want too.

This game has some hard clues, so if someone does not pay attention, they may get stuck. Having the leader or persons with specialties gives people confidence to solve the puzzle themselves.

Matching Game

oh what fun family game

Matching game is always fun to try. There are so many different versions and they are easy to learn.

The main difference between these games is how the players make decisions. In match-three games, for example, the players must connect symbols of the same color or a matching symbol.

In match-four and match-five games, the players can choose what card they put down and when they get to put another one down. These games can range from strategic to luck based.

One of the most popular types of matching game is five-card draw. In this version, the player draws five cards and puts them in a circle or pile and then he or she turns over a new set of cards and tries to arrange the previous set in a way that shows all five cards.

Puzzle Game

oh what fun family game

What If? is a fun family game that tests your logical and communication skills. You and your friends or family members create stories about what if situations occur.

Puzzle Gameondeas like trying to plan the most scenarios for yourself and your family in order to feel rewarded. It is also fun for the adults who help out in the games as they can set some rules and rewards for being successful in the puzzle game.

If you are looking for an easy puzzle game to play with your children, try out If…

Roll-and-Move Game

Are your family members able to roll over? If not, try the next game! Are they able to move? If not, try the next game!

If not, try some roll-and-move games like Roll-and-Move Tag. Or play Make Believe or any other child activity game where you try to create a fun environment for your children.

If you do have children who are older than age two, play one of these younger games like Roll-and-Move Tag or Make Believe. These will still be a fun way for the kids to interact and learn.

These games can be done in place of bedtime stories or other nightly stories.

Sports Game

oh what fun family game

A fun family game that can be played in under a minute is sporting event. It is also known as the run, jump, and return home game.

This game was created to be played in a short time-frame so it could be enjoyed by more than one person. It is also very popular among children due to the speed at which it can be played.

As you might expect, this game has its challenges that people must learn to master. After all, how much can you really do on a quick attempt?

However, with some practice, you can make a decent level of success on your run, jump, and return home game.

Trivia Game

oh what fun family game

Another fun family game is trivia. While both men and women can enjoy playing this, the best trivia games for guys are the harder kinds.

Harder questions have more complicated answers that must be found. These kinds of games are more challenging and fun!

If you are looking for a good trivia game for your family, look into creating one of these. They are easy to learn and play and can be a favorite.

There are many different types of trivia games, so if you do not have one yet, you will need to create one. There is usually an app or website that offers some kind of trivia game.

Board Games

oh what fun family game

A fun way to pass time is by playing a board game. There are thousands of them available, so you can choose one that is a little different!

They range from very easy to learn games to more advanced ones. Most are timed, which is great for getting some down time. Get your groups involved and have some fun!

Some of the best games are designed for group play. Some have special rules or challenges designed for teams or players that get more into it when others join in.

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