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Things to Do For Kids in Amalfi Coast




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Things to Do For Kids in Amalfi Coast

Things to Do For Kids in Amalfi Coast

Boat trips offer a great compromise for both adults and children. A small cruise will give you a different perspective on the stunning Amalfi Coast. You can choose to charter a boat privately or take one of the many boats that connect the main towns. Another great way to get a different perspective on the region is by hiking in Valle delle Ferriere, an easy path that passes through waterfalls and streams. You will also pass through the ruins of the paper mills.

La Finestra Sul Borgo

Families with young children may book a stay at La Finestra Sul Borgo in Amalfi. The property is located five minutes walk from the station. The apartment has a fully-equipped kitchen and a washer/dryer. There is also a secret area where children can play. The villa is open to children, and the rates are very affordable. Children under two years old stay for free in an existing bed, and children ages three to six years pay 20 euros. Those aged seven to 17 years pay 30 euros per night.

La Finestra Sul Borgo can be found right on the beach. It is located near the famous Villa Marittima Romana ruins and is known for its pasta. There are also several hotels and restaurants in the town, and the main street is pedestrianized. Kids can also enjoy a playground overlooking the water, and there are many things for them to do here.

Activities at Hotel Margherita

The Hotel Margherita can be found in Praiano, a town along the Amalfi Coast. It provides free shuttle service to the beach. Guests can swim, snorkel, and explore the trails nearby. They can also take a regular bus service to Positano. The hotel features a garden, a terrace, and an outdoor swimming pool. Rooms feature traditional Mediterranean decor. You will find amenities like free Wi-Fi and satellite TV, as well as private bathrooms with complimentary toiletries.

A hotel close to Positano is a good choice for families with children. The location allows guests to get to town without a lot of stairs, which is an important consideration when bringing young children. Positano is also a popular town on the Amalfi coast. However, it is also one of the most child-friendly.

Activities in Positano

There are many activities for children in Positano and Amafi Coast that are suitable for families with young children. From exploring caves to taking part in water sports, the Amalfi Coast has something for everyone. The National Railway Museum in Positano is one of many museums that kids can enjoy.

A local favorite is the Fornillo Beach, which is less crowded than the popular Spiaggia Grande. It takes approximately 15 minutes to walk to this beach from the city centre. Alternatively, you can take a boat from the port to the breathtaking Arienzo Beach.

Activities in Maiori

You might consider taking your children along to the Amalfi Coast if you have young kids. The ferry dock is only five minutes away from this town. While traveling to this coastal town, you will have to avoid driving in the high season, when the roads are clogged with tourists. Families with small children may find it difficult to drive in narrow areas with curvy roads or limited parking.

Maiori is home to a beautiful beach that children can enjoy, and you can also take them on a boat trip to other beaches. The town is smaller than other towns on the Amalfi Coast but the flat beaches make it a great spot for families with small children. There are many restaurants and hotels in the area.

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