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Things to Do For Kids in Bologna




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Things to Do For Kids in Bologna

Things to Do For Kids in Bologna

If you are traveling with your children, you may want to plan an itinerary that includes a visit to a museum. Bologna has many museums that will make your child’s experience enjoyable and memorable. One of the museums is the Museo della Storia di Bologna, which encourages interaction with the exhibits. To help explain things in a fun way, the museum uses an interactive cartoon interface. A light show in an underground tunnel is part of the museum’s collection.

Museo della Storia di Bologna

If you have kids, there’s a special museum that’s perfect for them: the Museo della Storia Di Bologna for kids. This museum is housed in a 17th-century palace, and its interior is adorned with beautiful frescos. Because it has interactive exhibits and educational programming that children will love, the museum is ideal for families with young children.

The museum features an interactive, multimedia tour of Bologna’s history, ranging from the Etruscan age to the modern day. You will also find art exhibits, including works by Lucio Fontana and the Carracci family. You will also find paintings, sculptures and other art from the Mannerist or Baroque periods that date back to the 16th- and 17th centuries.

Museo di Zoologia

Museo di Zoologia for kids is located on the campus of the university and has an impressive collection of modern and ancient species. There are excellent collections of butterflies, realistic stuffed animals, and large models of marine life. The Giovanni Capellini Museum also has a fascinating section on geology. It houses a 26-metre-long model for the Diplodocus.

Bologna’s most famous and largest park, Giardini Margherita is another must-see attraction for children. It was built in 1879, and was inspired by English romantic gardens. It was built from an Etruscan burial ground. This revealed a travertine grave with valuable artifacts. It is a great place for families to explore and children will enjoy exploring it.

Museo di Santo Stefano

Bologna’s Museo di Santo Stefano can be a great place for your children to visit. It is a museum that focuses on the history of the city. The museum offers nine sections that allow visitors to explore the city’s past, each with a different type of artifact. These artifacts include bronze age tools, skeletal remains, pottery, weapons, and marble statues.

The museum is open to all ages and has a small section for kids. It is located in the church Santa Maria della Vita, built in the second half the thirteenth century. The museum is open for the public and houses a beautiful Niccolo dell’Arca sculpture. This piece is considered a masterpiece of Italian sculpture.

Sala Borsa Library

The Sala Borsa Library in Bologna has a wonderful section for children and young adults. There are many books and exhibitions that are suitable for younger children. There’s even a breastfeeding area and child-friendly toilets. To learn more about the history and culture of the area, you can visit the library’s museum.

The library has a large collection of books and CDs. There are also free Wi-Fi connections for visitors to use. It’s housed in a former palace portion of the Accuriso, which overlooks the Piazza Nettuno. The Sala Borsa has sections that are dedicated to different categories such as reference materials, children’s books, multimedia, and multimedia.

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