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Things to Do For Kids in Bolzanof




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Things to Do For Kids in Bolzanof

Things to Do For Kids in Bolzanof

If you’re looking for fun things to do in Bolzanof, you’ve come to the right place. Young children are energetic and love to try new things. They enjoy sports, games, dancing, and traveling. There are many activities for children in the city.

South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology

The South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology, Bolzanof, South Tyrol, is a great place to take kids. Highlights include the preserved body of tzi the Iceman. The museum also has plenty of interesting artifacts and information about the Iceman’s lifestyle.

The exhibit on Otzi (an ancient mummy discovered in 1991) will be a hit with children. The exhibit also features well-preserved clothing and tools. The museum offers complimentary childcare during the summer months. The museum also offers an app that children can download to give them access to information as well as fun.

Otzi the Ice Man

Otzi the Ice Man is a museum that features an exhibit of the mummy. Discover the story behind this ancient man’s discovery. This 5-thousand-year-old mummy is preserved in a cool refrigerated cell. The museum also features exhibits of his clothing and arrow.

The exhibit can be explored with your children. It is named after the prehistoric Iceman Otzi and includes a variety of interactive exhibits. There are also English-language panels and videos for older children.


If you’re looking for a fun place for your kids in Bolzanof, the Termeno is a wonderful destination. The resort is also famous for its “junior host” event. This program is designed for children and features fun activities and qualified educators. The children can even receive birthday presents!

Termeno offers special events for children

Termeno offers a number of events for children. One of these is “the junior host” where qualified educators and fun activities are designed to keep kids entertained. Kids from the age of two to 10 are also eligible to receive birthday presents. They can also enjoy the whirlpool or play on the water slides.

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