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Things to Do For Kids in Glacier Bay National Park Alaska




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Things to Do For Kids in Glacier Bay National Park Alaska

Things to Do For Kids in Glacier Bay National Park  Alaska

There are plenty of activities for children when you plan a family vacation in Glacier Bay National Park. There are many restaurants and activities that you can enjoy while exploring the park’s natural beauty. These include a Sea kayaking tour and boat tours.

Activities in Glacier Bay National Park

There are many activities for children while visiting Glacier Bay National Park. You can take your kids on a flighteing tour of Glacier Bay National Park or visit the interactive museum to learn more about the wildlife. You can take your kids kayaking through Bartlett Cove if they are more active. For more information, check out Glacier Bay’s Twitter feed or visit its website. Kids can also sign up as Junior Rangers and learn about different animals in the park.

Another great way to experience Glacier Bay is to go on a cruise. Many cruise ships stop by glaciers to view them from the water.

Restaurants in Glacier Bay National Park

While visiting Glacier Bay National Park, you should take a break from your cruise ship and check out the restaurants in town. Glacier Bay is a popular destination for cruise ships, and the surrounding area is full of wildlife. You can see puffins, harbor seals, humpback whales, and brown bears among other animals. To learn more about the wildlife in the area, you can take a flighteing tour or cruise on a ship.

Many local restaurants have great views of the park. The renowned Glacier Bay Lodge, for example, is situated in a tranquil cove surrounded by Sitka spruce trees. It is also the headquarters of the park, which offers tours on the boats.

Sea kayaking

Glacier Bay National Park is located in Southeast Alaska. The park’s summers can get very hot, but it also gets a lot of rain. Between May and September, temperatures can range between fifty and sixty degrees. This is the best time to visit. You don’t need a national park annual pass or an entry fee to enjoy the park.

You can see humpback whales along the coast as well as other wildlife. These animals use the water as a path to migrate to breeding grounds in warmer climates. In Glacier Bay, you can spot these animals at the southern end of the bay. The habitat for both brown and black bears is found in the northern part of the bay. Occasionally, you can even spot one in the area near Gustavus.

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