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Things to Do For Kids in Honolulu



Organizing a trip to Hawaii with your kids presents an abundance of attractions and things to do on the island. Regardless if you’re looking for enjoyable family activities or wish to explore the island’s deep historical roots, Honolulu has a wide array of sights that cater to those interests. Important places to visit include the Pacific Aviation Museum, USS Arizona, and Pearl Harbor. Moreover, it’s interesting to mention that this city is recognized as the happiest city in the world.

Ala Moana Beach

Ala Moana Beach Park is a 100-acre public beach that’s free for visitors. It’s situated between Waikiki and downtown Honolulu. The wide gold sand beach is perfect for families with young children. The area also has a playground and a barbecue area.

While visiting Honolulu, take the kids to Ala Moana Beach Park. This free public park sits between Waikiki and downtown Honolulu and is a great place to play with kids. Unlike Waikiki, Ala Moana Beach has calm water all year round and hardly any waves near the shore. Still, the waters are big enough for beginners to learn to surf.

A half mile of sandy shoreline at Ala Moana Beach Park makes it a great place for kids to play and picnic. You can also play ball games or tennis here. There are also lifeguards on duty and there are plenty of food concessions. There’s even a stand-up paddleboard rental and lesson available. There’s also free parking available.

There are plenty of other activities for families to do together. Kids can swim with dolphins, go on stand-up paddleboards, ride a water slide, and watch a hula show. There’s also a zoo, where you can visit many animals and tropical plants.

Kuhio Beach

Kuhio Beach is located near Waikiki Beach (Main / Center) in Honolulu, Hawaii. This beach offers many of the same benefits as Waikiki, but is less crowded. Kuhio is a great place to take your kids for a day of sun, sand, and surf.

The Kuhio area has a large banyan tree and a free hula show. Each evening, a conch shell signals the beginning of the performance—many other attractions and events on the beach, including the USS Arizona memorial.

The Ko’Olina lagoons, sacred to the Hawaiian culture, offer splash pools for little ones. Older children can rent snorkels or paddleboards to explore the lagoon. Kids can also visit Paradise Cove, popular with tourists and locals for its nightly Luau. The cove is protected by a raised coral reef that keeps the water calm.

Another great beach for families is Pu’uloa Beach Park. It is the perfect place for relaxing and taking in the view of Diamond Head. Though the waves can get a little rough, this beach is still a great place to take your kids for a fun day. It also has a nice sandy bottom for novice swimmers and is home to an old Hawaiian temple.

For snorkeling and swimming, a lagoon is an excellent place for families. This area has 400 species of fish, including green sea turtles and parrotfish. It is a great place for families to take their kids for a day, but keep a safe distance to avoid disturbing the turtles.

Hanauma Bay

Native Hawaiians have flocked to Hanauma Bay for thousands of years to relax and take in the island’s beauty. The bay has also served as a favorite spot for fishing and entertainment for Hawaiian royalty. Its scenic beauty and rich marine life have been immortalized in various films, including Blue Hawaii and Donovan’s Reef.

For the best snorkeling and scuba diving experiences in Oahu, Hanauma Bay is the place to go. Here, you can get up close to sharks and stingrays and learn about Oahu’s diverse ecosystem. The park also offers up-close encounters with dolphins, Hawaiian monk seals, sea turtles, walruses, and otters. You can also watch a dolphin show, “Ai’ai Kakou,” and enjoy other family-friendly shows.

The attraction is open Wednesday through Sunday, from 6:45 am to 1:30 pm. Visitors should note that parking is limited and is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Shuttles are available from the parking lot to the visitor center. Visitors are encouraged to arrive early and allow extra time for parking.

Snorkeling is popular throughout the Hawaiian Islands, but most excursions require boating to remote reefs. Some of these excursions take several hours or even a whole day. If you don’t want to take your children to the open ocean, Hanauma Bay is the perfect place to snorkel with your family.

Manoa Falls

If you’re looking for something to do with kids on the island of Oahu, consider hiking the Manoa Falls trail. The hike is about 1.6 miles long and takes you through a forest of native plants and bamboo. At the end, you’ll reach a waterfall that drops 150 feet.

Located near Waikiki, the Manoa Falls trail is an easy and popular hike in the area. Hiking the trail will bring you through lush, tropical bamboo and rainforest. Kids can also explore Magic Island Beach in Ala Moana Beach Park, which is located in between downtown Honolulu and Waikiki.

There are also plenty of educational activities for kids at the Hawaiian Garden, where they can learn about the island’s tropical plants and animals. Picnic areas, a preserved Hawaiian village, and a waterfall. The garden is a great place to spend a day with children; you can even take them snorkeling.

Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve is another popular location for families with children. While you’re there, you can also snorkel or swim in the blue waters. The snorkeling site is also very popular, with plenty of coral reefs and tropical fish. It’s also a perfect spot for families to take pictures.

Another great outdoor activity is hiking the Manoa Valley trail. Located right across from the Ala Moana Center, it’s a pleasant and easy hike. The path is paved and stroller-friendly. It’s easy to get to and has restrooms and picnic tables.

Bishop Museum

This museum is a great place to spend time with kids. Opened 125 years ago, the Bishop Museum contains a diverse collection of Hawai’ian artifacts, including the royal family’s heirlooms. Today, the museum houses millions of artifacts and preserves Hawaiian culture and the heritage of the Pacific islands. It also hosts traveling exhibits.

The Bishop Museum has over 25 million cultural, historical, and natural treasures on display. The exhibits in the museum teach kids about Hawaiian culture and history, as well as about the environment that created it. There’s also a planetarium on the museum’s campus, Hawaii’s gateway to the stars. The museum also hosts several highlight exhibitions throughout the year.

The museum is home to the largest collection of Polynesian artifacts in the world. There are numerous hands-on activities for children. Another kid-friendly attraction is the Honolulu Zoo, which covers 42 acres and features over 1,200 animals. Throughout the day, there are feedings and interactions with the animals.

A free family activity occurs at the museum on the third Sunday of each month. It includes a free family movie, and past programs have included making pirate sock puppets and watching animated shorts from around the world. The museum also offers shuttle service to Spalding House.

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Things to Do For Kids in Todos Santos



Things to Do For Kids in Todos Santos

Things to Do For Kids in Todos Santos

Todos Santos is a fantastic choice for a family vacation in Mexico. This charming village is just a quick drive from Los Cabos, making it a perfect location for a family excursion. Think about booking your stay at Guaycura Boutique Hotel & Spa while you’re there.


Surfing is a great activity for children in Todo Santos. Two excellent surfing spots are available in the town. The one is located 20 minutes south of town and the other is close to the village. The first has gentle waves, which are great for children, while the second has more rocky sections and bigger waves. There are even camping grounds available.


If you’re looking for a beach that is both beautiful and safe for kids, Todos Santos is the perfect place for you. The city’s beach has gentle swells and is a great place for beginners to learn how to surf. You can rent boards and take lessons at the Surf School. The beach also has a restaurant, bathrooms and outdoor showers.

Environmental group

One of the many fun things to do with your kids in Todos Santos is volunteer at one of the local nonprofit organizations. These nonprofits are always open to temporary volunteers and would appreciate donations of toys, books, and other items for children.


For a meal that is both delicious and nutritious, try one of the many restaurants in Todos Santos. There are many options for breakfast, lunch, and a variety of dishes. For dinner, you might want to head to one of the many fine dining options in town. You’ll find everything from gourmet pizza to hearty Mexican fare.


Todos Santos beaches are mostly sandy and offer plenty of activities for children. You can also go surfing and try boogie boarding. The waters are biodiverse and are teeming with yellowtail, snappers, groupers, and tuna. You can also rent a wetsuit and surfboard from the Mario Surf School.

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Things to Do For Kids in Greece



Things to Do For Kids in Greece

Things to Do For Kids in Greece

Traveling with kids? Consider checking out child-friendly activities in Greece. The variety isn’t limited to just Athens or the well-known islands of Crete and Santorini. Across the country, there’s a wealth of activities for youngsters, from historical sites to interactive fun. Here are some recommendations.


There are many activities for children in Athens, Greece. This city has many activities for kids, including the Old University and the ancient Agora. Highlights include the Tower & Bath House of the Winds, Benizelos Mansion, and Monument of Lysicrates. You will also find many beautiful Byzantine churches. Athens offers something for all ages, whether you’re looking to go on a day trip or stay for a week.


With its beautiful beaches, quaint villages, and interesting attractions, Crete is the perfect family holiday destination. Parents can choose to spend a week island hopping, or extend their stay to see all the islands. Diapers are expensive here, so it is best to use umbrella strollers to keep your children safe and comfortable.


Naxos is a Greek island located in the South Aegean, one of the Cyclades island group. It is home to ancient ruins and long stretches of sandy beach. The island is centered on Hora, the port town and island capital. The Kastro is home to an archaeological museum and a hilltop castle.


Families who love to spend time outdoors will find Paros an ideal place. There are many beach games for children on the island, as well as a variety other activities such sailing and diving. You can even sign up for a cycling tour around the island. The island is also a good place to take your kids for swimming and diving lessons. There are many activities for children that you can do on the water slide, or you can spend your whole vacation at the beach.

Athens’ National Garden

The National Garden, just a few steps away from Athens’ central square, has many attractions for kids. There’s a small zoo, botanical garden, playground, fairy tale room and children’s library. The garden is also used by many Athenians as a place for reading and running. It’s a great place to spend an evening with your family.

Activities at Knossos Palace

The Palace of Knossos is an excellent place to visit for children who love stories and myths. There is a special tour devoted to Greek mythology that will introduce them to the stories and deeds of mythical heroes. They will visit the palace at Knoss, King Minos’ throne, Queen Pasiphae’s dolphin apartment, and the path that Theseus took. A guide who speaks English will take them through the palace and explain the stories and legends of the Ancient Greeks.

Swimming in Oia

There are many options for swimming in Oia, Greece. You can visit Katharos Beach, which is 1.5 kilometers away from the town center. It takes approximately 20 minutes to walk there. Other options for swimming in Oia include Baxedes Beach, Koloumpos Beach, and Mavropetra Beach.

Allou Fun Park in Rentis

A trip to Allou Fun Park, Rentis, Greece, is a great choice if you are looking for a fun-filled day with your kids. The amusement park features three sections: the main park (Alou), the smaller Kidom section, and the extreme rides. Each section has its own attractions and rides. Both are geared towards children of different ages.

Athens’ Happy Train sightseeing trip

The Athens’ Happy Train sightseeing tour for children is a fun and interactive way to see the city’s sights with your children. The little train stops at all the major sights in the city and makes its rounds just outside Syntagma Square every half an hour. Highlights of the route include Hadrian’s Arch, the Acropolis, the Museum of Cycladic Art, and Plaka, and it also offers English commentary.

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Things to Do For Kids in Campeche, Mexico



Things to Do For Kids in Campeche, Mexico

Things to Do For Kids in Campeche

There are a myriad of enjoyable activities to do with your kids since they’re always on the lookout for new adventures and excitement. Campeche boasts an extensive variety of activities for children that cater to every age group. Below are some examples of what’s available:

Casa No.6

Casa No.6 is a fun, affordable hotel with family-friendly amenities. It is located in the historic downtown area of Campeche. It is a one-block walk to the Malecon beach and is close to the cathedral and town’s main museums. The famous Calakmul jade mask is also within walking distance from the hotel.

Campeche Mansion

The main square is bustling with people and shops. The cathedral is located across the plaza. It has brightly tiled floors and numerous depictions of Mary in its stained glass windows. There are many legends about the origin of the black Christ at the San Roman Church.

State Museum of Anthropology

Major renovations are underway at the State Museum of Anthropology, Campeche. The museum is currently restoring an impressive stucco fresco that once graced a Campeche temple. The eight-ton stucco frieze, known by El Friso de Placeres is roughly eight tons high and was taken from a temple in Campeche, Mexico, more than 60 years ago.

59th Street

Families will find many attractions on Campeche’s 59th Street. This stretch of street connects the Puerta de Tierra to Puerta del Mar, and features bars, terraces, and improvised tracks. It is a great spot to people-watch and is near some of the most beautiful archaeological sites in the city. In fact, Campeche is home to more than 2 000 archaeological sites, and 16 of them are open to the public.

Puerta de la Tierra

If you’re looking for some fun activities for kids in Campeche, you might want to check out Puerta de la Tierra. You can climb the city walls and take in the stunning view of the surrounding area for $0.75 USD. In the evening, the Puerta de Tierra comes to life with illuminations and a pirate-themed show. Nearby, Parque de Moch Couoh, an urban park with concrete pathways that houses tropical plants, is also available.

Jardin Botanico X Much Haltun

Jardin Botanico X much Haltu is “water that flows out of the earth.” This park in Campeche is an outdoor botanical garden that houses 98 different species of plants, animals, and flora from the surrounding region. It is a cool place for families to spend an afternoon.

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