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Things to Do For Kids in Niagara Falls




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Things to Do For Kids in Niagara Falls

Things to Do For Kids in Niagara Falls

Things to Do For Kids in Niagara Falls, New York is not just about the falls. This tourist destination is also home to a number of fun amusement parks. There are many fun activities for children, from Bird Kigdom to Happy Rolph’s Animal Farm.

Bird Kigdom

Bird Kigdom is a great spot for children to spend a relaxing afternoon. The aviary offers many attractions, including an exhibit on the Falls and the chance to feed and handle the birds. It is a very educational experience for kids and is only a short drive from Niagara Falls.

The interactive exhibits will be a hit with kids. They can also see exotic birds. They will also love the night forest, where they can see bats and owls. The aviary has many different species, including parrots. Several of the birds will perform tricks for you. The aviary also has a Lorikeet Landing.

Dinosaur Adventure Golf

Dinosaur Adventure Golf in Niagara Falls is a great way for kids to have a lot of fun. This popular venue has two 18-hole mini-golf course and life-size dinosaurs. Guests can also take advantage of an “active” volcano.

This fun-filled activity is also climate-controlled, making it an indoor option for foul weather. There are other wholesome activities in Niagara Falls for the whole family, such as a visit to the Bird Kingdom, where kids can meet exotic birds. Even if you are not a golfer you can let your child pretend that they are the Flintstones at Dinosaur Adventure Golf.

Happy Rolph’s Animal Farm

The Happy Rolph’s Animal Farm is an excellent option if you’re looking for an animal farm to take your children to Niagara Falls. The 15-acre farm features a wide range of animals and a large playground. It is surrounded by lush grassy fields, willow trees, and lush grassy fields. It is also a great spot for picnics.

The farm is free to visit and there is ample parking on site. It fills up quickly on weekends. If you’re planning to visit on a weekend, plan to spend a couple of hours. There is also a pavilion on site where you can relax with a snack and a drink.

Clifton Hill amusement park

If you’re looking for a family-friendly activity, you can’t do better than Clifton Hill. Located just ten minutes from the falls, this amusement park features a dinosaur-themed miniature golf course, sky-high ferris wheel, and souvenir shops. There are also restaurants and a 4D theater for a real thrill ride. The best part? There are many things to do throughout the year.

While visiting the park, you can also take your kids on a boat tour and a butterfly conservatory. You can also have a picnic at a public park or wave at passing ships in the Welland Canal. Afterward, you can visit a splash pad in the city or head to the Dufferin Islands for a hike. Another free activity for families is the evening falls illumination light show.

Journey Behind the Falls

Journey Behind the Falls is a family-friendly attraction near Niagara Falls. This attraction is located right next to the Canadian Horseshoe Falls and is managed by the Niagara Parks Commission. This ride gives you a close-up view of the falls and is a great way for kids to spend an afternoon.

This thrilling tour offers visitors a close-up view of Niagara Falls, but also gives them the opportunity to get drenched. This attraction’s highlight is also the 130-year-old tunnels. They can be accessed via an elevator on Canada’s side. Hundreds of thousands of people have traveled through these tunnels.

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