Things to Do For Kids in Olympic National Park Washington

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  • Date: October 18, 2022
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Things to Do For Kids in Olympic National Park Washington

Things to Do For Kids in Olympic National Park  Washington

There are many Things to Do For Kids in Olympic National Park, including hiking family-friendly trails, learning about the park’s ecosystems, and camping options. You can also sign up your children for the Ocean Stewards Junior Ranger Program, which teaches environmental stewardship to kids and rewards them for their efforts.

Family-friendly hikes

There are many things for the whole family to enjoy at Olympic National Park, which is located in Washington state. The region is home to mountain vistas, temperate rainforests, waterfalls, and many other family-friendly hikes. The park is also home to gray whales, which migrate from LaPush to Kalaloch.

Wildlife spotting opportunities

Olympic National Park is a great place to go if you want to see wildlife with your kids. Here you can spot sea otters, dolphins, gray whales, sea eagles, sea urchins, and more. Olympic National Park is a great place for learning about conservation and the environment.

Learn about the ecosystems of the park

Many species of animals can be found on the Olympic Peninsula, including endangered and threatened species. You can see otters and bats as well as mountain lions and sea lions in the park. Several of these species were once abundant but have been eradicated by humans.

Lake Quinault Lodge

The three-lake trail is a great way to explore the area around Lake Quinault Lodge. The trail winds through beautiful lakes and ancient forest. It also provides access to national forest campgrounds. Quinault Lake is home to more than 3,000 acres and is perfect for swimming and boating.

Marymere Falls

If you want to take the kids to Olympic National Park, you can check out Marymere Falls. It is an easy hike through a lush forest with many different species of trees and moss. The trail winds up to the falls from a small pool below. The waterfall is stunning and has a gentle flow that draws people to it. You can also climb higher on the trail for a better view.

Crescent Lake

The Olympic National Park has many things to offer families, and Crescent Lake is one of them. Its crystal clear water makes it an excellent place for swimming, and visibility on the lake can go down to 60 feet. Ancient landslides split the lake into two sections. Mount Storm King is believed to have caused the landslides. He was angry at a fight between the Quileutes and the Klallam tribes.

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