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Things to Do For Kids in Pisa, Italy




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Things to Do For Kids in Pisa, Italy

Things to Do For Kids in Pisa

There are many things to do in Pisa for kids. There are many attractions for children to enjoy, especially during the summer when the weather is warm. You can ride a panoramic train, a mechanical bull, or a water park. You can also try acrobatic jumps on trampolines.

St Matteo National Museum

One of the things to do for kids in Pisa is to visit the National Museum of San Matteo. This museum is home to a collection of works from historic ecclesiastical buildings. It has a great collection of sculptures, paintings, and architecture.

The museum houses iconography and religious art from the Byzantine to Renaissance eras. This museum is a great place to take your children while you explore this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Giardino Scotto Park

Giardino Scotto Park, an ancient fortress in Pisa is Italy. It was once known as the Cittadella Nuova fortress. However, it is now known as the Giardino di Scotto. It is a great place to play, climb, explore, and for children to have fun.

The park is ideal for summer visits because it is shaded. The park is also rich in history, including a section of an aqueduct from the Roman period. The park is an example of the country’s ancient heritage.

Mercato delle Vettovaglie

If you’re looking for some fun activities for kids in Pisa, head to the Mercato delle Vettovglie. It’s a medieval marketplace that is open to the public every day. There are many local products, housewares, as well as handmade crafts. The market is also a popular spot for locals. In the evening, it transforms into a lively nightlife.

The city’s most iconic landmark is the Leaning Tower. There are many other things to do with children in Pisa. Pisa is a great place for families, with everything from museums and galleries to parks and markets. Both children and adults will enjoy the historical backdrops and the variety of activities.

Keith Haring’s mural

Keith Haring, a famous street artist from America, was one of the most influential and well-known American street artists of 20th century. During his final years, he traveled the world painting murals. One of his final projects was a mural in Pisa for children. His other works include a mural in Greenwich Village for Carmine and a series in New York City.

Keith Haring and Haring met in New York City as a young Pisan student. Together they created the mural. The mural was created by Keith Haring, who was searching for a wall to paint in Pisa. He eventually settled on a wall near the station. This area is often overlooked, even though most tourists spend their time at the city’s most popular sites. The mural is located on the side of a building facing the Church of St. Anthony Abate, which is a popular place for families with young children.

Museum of Human Anatomy

The School of Medicine and Surgery of Pisa has the Museum of Human Anatomy, which is for children in the Italian city of Pisa. It houses a variety anatomical specimens including human skulls and bones that can be used for research. The museum also has a collection of basins and fetuses, which are used for embryology study.

The museum has a large collection of interactive exhibits and activities for kids. Children can climb up a giant human brain on a giant platform and experience his heart beating. A heart monitor and a broken bone are also interactive, as are hands and feet. Alternatively, young visitors can crawl through the intestine to see how a human body is built. Another interactive area has arms and hands that can move like real ones. There are also interactive games that children can play, like catch and blood pressure cuff.

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