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Things to Do For Kids in San Miguel De Allende




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Things to Do For Kids in San Miguel De Allende

Things to Do For Kids in San Miguel de Allende

With an American mother and a Mexican father, Amber is a native San Miguelite who knows the city like the back of her hand. She is bilingual and bicultural, and has been welcoming new families and visitors to San Miguel de Allende since years. She is the proud mother of two kids, Miss M and Baby O, and the wife of Army officer George. She is also a security specialist.

Biblioteca de San Miguel de Allende

Children will enjoy a relaxing afternoon at the Biblioteca de San Miguel de Allente. You can find a wide variety of books in Spanish as well as English language newspapers. You can also enjoy the beautiful views from the outdoor courtyard and cafe at the library. The library is a great spot to find a quiet space to escape the hustle and bustle of tourist towns.

San Miguel Public Library offers many activities for children, such as a chess tournament or free workshops. Many English-speaking people also meet here to share their love for language and culture.

Museo La Esquina

Museo La Esquina is a unique museum that showcases vintage and handcrafted toys from Mexico. A gift shop is also available. This is a fun place to visit with kids! It is a must-see place for families visiting San Miguel de Allende.

The museum is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and is a fantastic place for kids to spend an afternoon. The museum also offers art classes for children. Parents and children can relax on the many benches.

Rancho Xotolar

A horseback riding trip in San Miguel de Allende is a great way to have fun and learn. There are many easy trails that lead riders through the countryside and canyons. Half-day canyon rides can be arranged by Rancho Xotolar, which offer cantering and trotting. Another option is The Ranch at San Miguel, where kids can take an easy walk and learn about the local culture. Both ranches have gentle horses that aren’t too intimidating for young riders.

Guests can take part in various activities like riding tours, rural cooking classes, and hiking. Each group can have their own tour. Another great activity is a balloon flight over the city. Many balloon companies offer flights over San Miguel de Allende including Globo San Miguel. There are private flights for couples and groups, as well classic sunrise flights.

El Charco de Ingenio

San Miguel de Allende offers many activities for children. For instance, there are many parks and playgrounds in the city, including the popular Park Juarez, where children can play in a tree house. Nearby is the El Charco de Ingenio, which is a botanical garden with short hiking trails and a visitor center and cafeteria. The botanical garden is also an excellent place to go bird watching.

The 67-hectare El Charco de Ingenio is a botanical garden and nature preserve featuring a large collection of cacti from around the world. One of the largest cacti, the man-sized Y-shaped cucharilla, is more than 300 years old. Hiking trails wind through the green landscape, passing a carved-out river. It is interactive, making it particularly fun for children.

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