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Things to Do For Kids in Tulum on a Budget




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Things to Do For Kids in Tulum on a Budget

Things to Do For Kids in Tulum

There are many Things to Do for Kids in Tulum that can be done by families on a tight budget. Check out the Xel-Ha playground and the Coba Ruins for cheap activities. Another good choice is ziplining, which can be fun for the whole family. You can also explore the Templo dios del Viento.

Xel-Ha can be described as a playground

Xel-Ha’s ideal location is in a lagoon, which makes it a great playground for children. The water park features a wading pool and a teter totter. There is also an underground crocodile tunnel and floating lily pads. The area also has a bar and comfy chairs.

Coba Ruins is a cheap activity

The Coba Ruins are a great activity for children in Tulum. Located 40 minutes from Tulum, Coba is an ancient Mayan site that is accessible and easy to access. The entrance fee is 80 pesos, but it’s free for locals. Coba can be crowded on Sundays. Another fun and cheap activity for kids in Tulum is Xplor Adventure Park. It is easily accessible from the Tulum/Cancun highway.

Selva Maya Eco Adventure Park is a ziplining tour

Ziplining is one of the most beautiful ways to see the beauty of nature. It’s possible to do it with your children at Selva Maya Ziplines park. This activity is great for families with young children, as it will give them a sense adventure.

Templo Dios del Viento is a Mayan ruin

The name Templo del Viento means “Temple of the Wind.” It is a circular ruin built over a rectangular cave. It was originally used as a wind-warning device. In fact, it had a hole in its roof that produced a whistle whenever high winds blew. When they heard this sound, the Maya would seek refuge there.

The Great Ball Court is a Mayan ruin

This Mayan ruin is home to the largest ball court in Mesoamerica. Maya mythology depicts the ball court as a symbol of the underworld. The ball court also played a key role in the Maya civilization’s sociopolitical power.

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