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Things to Do For Kids in West Palm Beach, Florida




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Things to Do For Kids in West Palm Beach, Florida

Things to Do For Kids in West Palm Beach

If you’re planning a vacation with kids, West Palm Beach has plenty of things to offer. Both the South Florida Science Center (Aquarium) and Aquarium are excellent family attractions. They offer hands-on exhibits and immersive experiences. The aquarium’s planetarium, dinosaur walk, and shark exhibits are available for children. Other attractions include a splash pad, gem panning station, and mini-golf course.

Mounts Botanic Garden

Mounts Botanic Garden in West Palm Beach is a great place for kids. It is Palm Beach County’s largest public garden and is home to over 6,000 different species of plants. These plants include both native Florida plants and exotic trees, herbs, and citrus.

The gardens cover 14 acres and have 25 sections. Highlights include the Moana exhibition and the Mediterranean garden which has a blue window suspended in water. There are also a few areas with fewer blooming flowers, such as the Garden of Tranquility. You can easily navigate the grounds using the map provided.

South Florida Science Center

The Cox Science Center is a must-see when you visit South Florida. This museum, which was established in 1959, encourages children to explore science through interactive exhibits, community events, and other activities. Whether your children are curious about chemistry or the oceans, this place is sure to impress. This family attraction is a great choice for a fun day out on a sunny afternoon.

The Discovery Center offers fun, hands-on activities, a large aquarium, and a digital planetarium. A mini golf course of 18 holes is also available that teaches children about natural habitats. There’s also a Dinosaur Explorer that helps kids learn more about the creatures that live in the area.

Manatee Lagoon

There are many activities for children at Manatee Lagonon, West Palm Beach, Florida. There are many interactive exhibits and observation areas as well as a manatee website. You can also visit the gift shop, where you can buy marine-themed items. And for the little ones, there’s a penny press.

There are two levels of exhibits at Manatee Lagoon, including an observation deck. The park also includes a boardwalk, picnic area, and pavilion. There’s also a gift shop and an outdoor cafe. For the kids, there are interactive exhibits, including the Manatee Lagoon Discovery Center. There’s also a manatee webcam indoors, so kids can see the critters up close.

Rapids Water Park

The Rapids Water Park is a great place to take your kids on a day trip in Riviera Beach, Florida. It is a 30 acre park that is located near I-95. It features rides, slides, and more! The water park is open year-round and is great for the whole family.

If you’re looking for a water park in West Palm Beach that is affordable for the whole family, Rapids Water Park is the place to go. Rapids Water Park offers everything, from lazy rivers to speed slides. There are also special slides for toddlers.

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