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Things to Do For Kids in Mount Tamborine




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Things to Do For Kids in Mount Tamborine

Things to Do For Kids in Mount Tamborine

Mount Tamborine is a great place to bring your children. Mount Tamborine offers something for everyone, whether you are looking for something family-friendly or something more unusual. You’re sure your children will enjoy the activities, which range from Tree Top Challenge to horse-riding tours.

Thunderbird Park

Mount Tamborine offers a variety of family-friendly activities. There are many places to eat in the town. The Tamborine Mountain School Markets is a great place for kids. Fresh produce and homemade wares can be found from local farmers. There are also pony rides, a jumping castle and other fun rides. There are also many second-hand wares for sale at the showgrounds, which is also a great place to browse.

You can take your children on a guided horseback riding tour through the rainforest if you want to get close to nature. These tours are recommended to children aged 7 and up. You can also take younger kids on pony rides. These tours are available at specific times and cost $60 for 30 minutes, $85 an hour, and $115 for 1.5hrs.

Tree Top Challenge

Tree Top Challenge is Australia’s largest TreeTop Adventure Park. It offers over 100 tree-top activities including ziplines and flying foxes. The experience is safe for children. Guests can enjoy an adventure that takes three to four hours.

This high-ropes adventure course is suitable for children aged three to eight. There are two levels that will challenge different abilities. The first level is low-to-the-ground, allowing children to gain confidence before taking on the next levels. The next levels are more difficult, and are geared toward older children. They can choose to take one or more courses and an instructor will be with them at all times.

Thunderbird Park Horseback Riding Tours

Thunderbird Park, an adventure park for children, is located at Tamborine Mountain. This park is ideal for families looking for active family holidays. There are many activities at the park, including pony tours and horse riding. Children can enjoy the thrill of horse riding without having to have any riding experience.

Children can choose from pony rides or guided horse riding tours through subtropical rainforest. The latter is $75 per hour and allows riders to spot koalas or goannas. The rides are suitable for kids aged seven and up. Pony rides for younger children are available at $10 each

Rainforest Skywalk

The Rainforest Skywalk is a great activity, especially for children. It’s a treetop walk that takes you up to the rainforest on steel bridges. Your kids will be in awe of the amazing view and learn a lot about the rainforest.

There are two levels of the Rainforest Skywalk, each with different features and experiences. You’ll start at the Eco Gallery, which features an abundance of displays about the Australian rainforest. Learn about the different trees and their habitats, as well as how they interact. For those who wish to take a break from the activity, there is a birdwing café.

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

One of the things to do for kids in Mounttamborine is a trip to the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. This is a nature preserve that supports 15 different conservation projects and a wildlife hospital that admits 14,000 animals each year. If you’re looking for something to do with the whole family, you can also try whale watching. While the Gold Coast may be better known for its whale-watching spots, this is a family-friendly activity and is ideal for young children.

The wildlife sanctuary is open to children in a variety ways, including on nature trails and on Segways. You can also feed crocodiles and watch free bird shows. Every day, there is a pelican feeding at 1:30pm.

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